Monday, September 25, 2017

Problem Solving Therapy...

I am currently undertaking training for the role of problem solving therapist in our office - along with another staff member, thank goodness! I started with a week long intensive, and am now doing some on-the-ground group sessions with clients. Next up will be four or five one-on-one therapy sessions each with two different clients (possibly more, but they're trying to limit time impact on our main roles as we spend one hour a week with each client), and after that I'll be a professional problem solving therapist. It's a thing, apparently.

It's another notch on my belt, another item for the resume. It all contributes. I'm now on a leadership steering committee, I'm a co-vice chair for a disability employment network, I've received a certificate for training in recognising dementia and working with people with dementia. I'm about to start supervising and supporting a group of volunteers at the Royal Eye and Ear Hospital. It is all experience that can go on the resume.

The problem solving therapist gig is the interesting one for me, though. It is all so much common sense, steps I've been applying all my adult life. In fact, I often day-dreamed about running seminars on problem solving strategies. Strange that I now have training and a formal role as just such a therapist.

I'm still keeping up the writing and research though. I'm currently waiting to hear back about a proposal I submitted about ten days ago. I have the first round of articles ready to go. I'm thinking I'll just start the paper anyway. If it isn't accepted for this call-out, then there is another coming up next month it would also be suitable for.

I feel that I'm moving forward now instead of treading water. I guess that is the benefit of having problem solving skills. It took me a while but then when I made a move, everything just seemed to fall into place.

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