Friday, September 01, 2017

Such an honour...

This morning I'm feeling so happy and a little sad, as well.

I received an email late last night asking if I would be able to peer review an article for an A-list journal in my field. When I read this, I was like, 'Wow!' and then the realization that I couldn't accept the offer dawned on me.  You see, I have submitted to the same journal call-out, so there would be a conflict of interest. Ah well, it's still nice to have been considered - even if it was last minute.

I have to wonder though, given my specialty being so small, perhaps I was asked because I am one of the leading researchers in this very small field. And then I have to wonder if, perhaps, I was being asked to review my own paper!

That would have been hilarious. I can see it now...

'This article is pure genius. The references are superb. The insight, oh, the insight is astounding. I would worship at this researcher's feet if I knew them!'

Hilarious! I haven't been able to get the grin off my face all morning.

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