Thursday, October 12, 2017

All things education...

Yesterday, I went onto the high school Compass page to set in a parental leave notice for Lukas and guess what I found. Bryn now has an account! I showed him last night and he was, as expected, completely chuffed. This morning I received an email notice about registering his 'Bring Your Own Device' laptop, so I guess this weekend we'll be laptop shopping. I won't tell him until we're in the shop because he'd be completely unbearable until we finally took him. These are exciting times.

Not to be left out, Ari is only a few weeks away from his first ever school camp. He hasn't mentioned it, so I'm not sure how conscious he is about it coming up. While he is a child who talks non-stop about whatever comes into his mind, if he is worried about something, he tends to keep it close to his chest and we only find out about it if we ask very direct questions.

He did tell us the names of 2-3 kids are school who are his friends now. Two he was certain of and one his said maybe was his friend. That was actually a great relief to us because it seemed like he might never make friends - he reminds me a lot of Erik in that respect - a little awkward with other kids.

I'm not sure if the kids nominate someone they want to share a cabin with, or if they are allocated. At our previous primary school, the kids nominated their friends and the 'left overs' (the kids who couldn't think if anyone to nominate and weren't nominated by anyone) were bunked with each other. This led to a terrible first camp for Erik where his beanie kid was thrown in the toilet by one of the other kids. I'm not sure which method is better though because allocation doesn't guarantee harmonious cabins...

In other school news. I now have two engagements to speak at two primary schools (in Whittlesea and Templestowe) and one to speak for a certificate III course in Werribee. I have also been invited to speak at Victoria University and at a Disability Liaison Officer professional development day in Ballarat. Yesterday I was assigned my first Problem Solving Therapy client - to teach them how to problem solve in a methodical way.

All this education related activity is really making my heart sing! Finally being able to employ my communication and education qualifications is the best feeling - it justifies all those years of study. It is very satisfying having people appreciate all I am capable of, instead of projecting their own imagined limitations (if they were legally blind) onto me, not even giving an opportunity to prove myself.

I love this job!

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