Thursday, October 05, 2017

Back in Expo mode again...

Today I'm taking a team to Whittlesea Council for the council's Welcome Expo. It's my first project management role in a paid capacity and it's very exciting. Of course, I'm an old hat at organising expo participation so this hasn't been anything new to me in that respect. As well as this, I've gotten to know the Councillors in charge of this event well enough to be on a first name basis, which helps.

It's only a four hour Expo, so I've got two teams going, and I will be there for the whole four hours. We also have a fifteen minute presentation happening, so I've organised a presenter for that who will only be turning up for the presentation itself.

Because I'll be there four hours past my knock off time, I will be taking four hours in lieu tomorrow, and will be leaving at the start of my lunch break - so 4.5 hours in total. Given that I will be leaving so early, I'm thinking of seeing if my brother (who works only two stops up the line) has time for a coffee. I see him so rarely because we live on opposite sides of the city. Now that I'm working on his side, and only two stops away from him, you'd think we'd see each other more, but having worked here for almost six months (!) I have yet to catch up with him.

I want to see if he wants to come to our early Icelandic Christmas celebration - which I'm thinking now we might have to have on Sunday the 17th of December, rather than the Saturday because if Mike wants to come, he won't be able to make it on the Saturday because of work commitments.

The end of the year seems to be charging at me now. So much to organise. It's fortunate I find busy stimulating and fun, and not stressful, huh?

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