Tuesday, October 24, 2017


I submitted a paper proposal for review in mid-September - it was six weeks after proposal submission closed, but I'd asked if it was too late to submit and been told I could submit if I got it in that week because reviews were beginning. So, I got it in almost six weeks ago. I haven't heard back and the conference is in a month's time, so I'm guessing I didn't make it through. Oh well, at least I gave it a shot, and well, that's good considering I withdrew from the degree earlier this year and it would be so easy to just call it a day on my research.

I think there is another call-out still open where my paper might find a home.

It's strange, that life seems so distant to me now. It is difficult to reconcile the stress I was dealing with this time last year with the turn new direction my life has made in the past twelve months. I am still passionate about my area of research, and still keeping abreast of incoming research - and it is good to see more coming through in English, when it has predominantly been the domain of Latin-American and Chinese research.

I do watch conferences come and go knowing I can't take time away from work to attend them, it's one of those things that comes along with being a responsible adult I guess.

I have been scheduled to facilitate a group here at work during the week of the AAWP conference. I really want to hear back from the committee about my proposal before I make my apologies for that presentation. Maybe they'll get back to me this week? Is that realistic? I hope so.

Meanwhile, I'll keep plugging along researching for this paper, or the next one, and making sure I don't fall behind just because I'm not at Uni anymore.

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