Monday, October 09, 2017


I've been suffering an awful lot of migraines recently, of the cluster variety. It has been worse than ever before. The worst I have ever had was about two weeks ago. I think it is my neck causing the trouble. In the car, because of the poof inside my shaper (the undergarment for my headscarves), my neck and head have been pushed forward. As well at that apparently, sitting on the fit ball has worsened the problem, so I'm back to sitting on a regular office chair. I've also got a cushion behind my back in the car seat which allows my neck to be in a neutral position.

Having the Maxalt helps in relieving the migraines, but I have to have one before I can treat it - Maxalt is not a preventer. I have tried a couple of preventers but they cause a brain fog that results in me forgetting how to speak (I'm not kidding) - the medication for the essential shakes actually did the same thing, so it seems neuro-medications don't work well for me.

Meanwhile, I've gone back to the LCHF diet, in hopes it will help. The last time I was consistent, the migraines reduced significantly - like from three a month to one in five months. At the moment I'm having 3-4 a week, often happening 2-3 days in a row (like over the weekend).

I've been on LCHF and so far it's not making any difference, but I'll stick it out and see how I go. Migraines suck and I can't believe I developed them in my forties when I hadn't had one in decades (not since per-pubescence).

Eye strain is another issue. Through Job Access I was able to get a BrailleSense electronic brailler (it's basically a tablet, but in braille). I'm slowly - very slowly - working on getting my speed up, but I'm nowhere near ready to use the brailler all the time.

Oh well, for now it looks like I'm just going to have to keep treating the migraines after-the-fact. 

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