Monday, October 16, 2017

Phew, that was a busy weekend!

Now, usually my weekends (of late) have been about getting as much relaxation in as possible - and then the weekly cleaning routine. You know, beds (I change ours one fortnight and the boys the other fortnight), floors, toilets, laundry, all the fun stuff.

Didn't have a lot of time for much of that this weekend (ahem, toilets and floors did not get done - but they will today, because it grosses me out otherwise). This was because Saturday was all about appointments. It was GP for me because I have painful lymph nodes the size of grapes from a seasonal allergy which causes a horrid rash on my underarms, which I scratch, causing further irritation and in this case infection, oh joy. Then shopping for a laptop (2-in-1) for Bryn, which he knows nothing about, thank goodness. I have to remember to get the thing register for setup, I want to get all that stuff right this year, for once. And finally, getting Harlem washed, which was well overdue.

Sunday, was a write off as well, in so far as Dave and the older two boys desperately wanting to see the new Bladerunner movie. Ari was neither eligible to, nor interested in seeing Bladerunner. So, then someone (meaning me) had to take him to Lego Ninjago (which was better than I expected). I insisted that if I was going to be on Ninjago duty, I should get to go see a movie I like on my own - I love seeing movies on my own. So, I went and saw The Mountain Between Us, which was quite good. Sunday looked like this:

10.20am - Ari and I seeing Lego Ninjago
1.00pm - Dave, Luey, and Bryn seeing Bladerunner
6.00pm - me seeing The Mountain Between Us

As you can see, it was tag-teaming at it's best.

I need another weekend!

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