Tuesday, October 10, 2017


So, this is a real problem for me.

I have decluttered my house and I have committed to a one-in-one-out approach. The one-in-one-out approach sets out to not increase the quantity of a person's possessions. For someone who has just reduced their possessions by half, it is very important to not build up more stuff. I certainly do not want to be repeating this process in a couple of years.

This said, I have a problem. The one-in-one-out approach does not prohibit me from continuing to get new things. I just have to find something of equal size to get rid of. This brings me back to a harsh reality - I remain a shopaholic.

Case in point. Today I'm expecting two packages of scarves. I reduced my collection of 140 scarves, to 15 (possibly fewer). What on earth am I doing buying more scarves? Yes, I will be replacing one with another, I will also be reducing other things to 'pay' for these new scarves. Still, did I need more scarves? No, I did not. The scary thing is, I'm also expecting another package. AND, I'm hoping there aren't more I've just forgotten about.

It's a real problem.

I can hold the impulse at bay for a while and then I succumb to it. I think if it's inexpensive, it doesn't count, or if it's on sale, it doesn't count, or if it's moderately expensive but really good quality - I convince myself it's an investment... I know all of these justifications are false, but I employ them just the same.

I think I need some kind of therapy, but I don't even know where to start trying to find any. I'm not interested in going to some sort of support group. That's not my thing, so I'm going to have to investigate other options.

It's not good.

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