Wednesday, November 29, 2017


So, my busy week is still busy, but the past couple of days have seen an exchange of one busy activity for another.

Everything with the event I was project managing for Thursday fell in a heap over Monday and Tuesday when the other party we were working with didn't foresee a problem that cropped up and bit them in the arse. It changed our investment in the event and we decided to take a rain-check as it would be worth our while to outlay the cost for the change in event. Two months worth of preparation down the drain, but I guess it is all experience. It was very frustrating, especially as I spent all of Monday trying to manage the other party in rectifying the oversight on their part. The solution was unsatisfactory, so I pulled the pin. I suppose part of project manage is knowing when to let go.

However, one project was immediately replaced with another when I was asked to do an interview with ABC television in the lead up to the make-a-thon on the weekend. Luckily, I was given 24 hours notice so I was able to make sure I did my face and chose brand friendly clothing. The interview went well. It is very fortunate that I just don't suffer with nerves when it comes to presenting. More filming will be done on Friday at the make-a-thon itself, so the piece will likely air on Friday night. As it is Melbourne news, I'm expecting it will be local ABC only.

The presentation and Q&A I did with the Common Purpose delegates from RMIT also went really well, and in fact, we had a student inquire about volunteering opportunities here, which is great because we're always looking for professionals to volunteer in key areas.

So, busy is still busy, just a bit different from what I was expecting on Monday morning. The interview was fun, and the cancellation of the event on Thursday frees up my morning so I can get to the airport without stressing. It's all good!

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