Monday, November 27, 2017

Oh, this week!

Well, it's finally here. THE WEEK.

This week is the week I host a City of Melbourne Metro Access Officer, and a City of Melbourne Councilor.

It is also the week I go to Adelaide and present my latest paper.


It's the week where I spend 72 hours at a make-a-thon with a team of people creating some awesome technologies to assist people with a vision impairment.

Oh, and did I mention it is the week I work as a mentor with a group of engineering students from RMIT as part of the global 'Common Purpose Program', aimed at building more accessible cities?

It's going to be a big week and the only thing giving me a bit of nerves is the paper presentation. Funny, hey?

I guess so much more hangs on that 20 minute presentation than on any of the other things I'm doing. I find I'm second guessing myself a lot on my argument. I'm haunted by the criticisms of my ex-supervisor. Is my contention strong enough. Do I have valid references. Will it be okay that I combine theories from different disciplines? Isn't that what new theories are about? I believe so, but can I convince 'the old guard'. I'm bringing together theories from psychology, education, and sociology to underpin my validation of Flash Fiction and the most appropriate form of expression for the experiences of third culture kids.

The thing is, I have this one quote I really want to start my presentation with and do you think I can find it? I can find many similar quotes, but this one is special, it really gets to the heart of the issues faced by third culture kids. I really need to find it!

I've gotten myself a JPass so I can access a larger database of journal articles, I'm hoping that will help. If only I could remember who wrote the quote. If only I could picture their name.


I still have a couple of days.

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