Thursday, November 02, 2017

Thank God It's Almost Friday...

It has been a cray-cray week!

I'm in the middle of putting together an event where a Councillor from the City of Melbourne will be visiting us (at the Seeing Eye Dogs Australia site, yay puppies!) for Disability Awareness Week. If you had told me a year ago I'd be a project manager, let alone managing a project with Melbourne Council to host a morning tea and tour with a Councillor (possibly the Lord Mayor), I'd have laughed in your face!

I have also been working with Vic Uni as well as a DLO from La Trobe Uni I'll be co-presenting with for the Disability Liaison Officer Professional Development day in Ballarat, about the two presentations I will be doing in two cities (Holy hell!) on the 7th of December.

I have been consulting with the Maker Team about the modifications to the dog guide harness and the production of a micro-GPS app - our next meet up in next Wednesday.

I've been preparing for a delegate of RMIT students to come to our site as part of the Common Purpose Programme, a global initiative to teach leadership skills and improve community experience. I am going to be a mentor in a project looking at improvements for people with disabilities - in our case vision impaired and blind people.

Meanwhile, we had our first volunteer session at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. This is another project I am managing where, in partnership with the hospital, we have a group of volunteers attending a Tuesday morning outpatient clinic and offering in the community supports to people experiencing vision loss. The session went well and I'm really looking forward to seeing it blossom over the next couple of months before Christmas. If it goes well, I want to expand it to another client on a Thursday afternoon.

And finally (because I can't remember anything else, though I know there is much more), I've started the second phase of my training to become a Problem Solving Therapist Specialist. Apparently, this programme is being rolled out across the organisation, and so there will be a team of specialists (currently 12, I think) who will support clients across the services in developing a methodical and pragmatic approach to problem solving.

These are the main things.

A colleague told me six months ago that I would become too busy to breathe in no time. It seemed to take forever - and not being busy is torture for someone with ADHD - I literally just want to crawl into bed so the time will pass without me consciously having to monitor it.

We had a meeting here at work yesterday morning which has set some very exciting development goals that I get to be central in effecting. More busy on the horizon and I couldn't be happier!

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