Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thank goodness!

Ah, the relief!

Yesterday's crisis has been resolved. Paypal made a mistake and charged me twice for something, and rectified the problem yesterday afternoon! Which is just as well because the high school bills started rolling in last night.

Luey came home and told us one of the music department administrators had told him we hadn't paid for his music tuition this year and that we couldn't pay next year's tuition until we had paid this year's tuition. Well, first of all, we have already submitted and been given a receipt for half of next year's payment - that was the money which was unexpectedly withdrawn from my account last month, putting me $500 in the red in my own budget. Secondly, we were pretty sure we'd paid the tuition. Finally, why on earth wasn't the administrator contacting us directly?

As it turned out an invoice did turn up in the mail yesterday afternoon, and that stated that of the $450 tuition fee we'd paid $425, so we actually only owed $25. Either the administrator didn't communicate this properly for a teenage boy to understand, or Luey just forgot to mention that it was only $25. Either way, we're paying it this morning.

The invoice also asked for a range of other amounts. A couple we're already on a plan for, so that's okay. A few more I'll cover tomorrow and they include this years electives for Luey and next years electives for both Luey and Bryn - music features highly so, of course, we don't want to default on paying those fees. That only leaves one amount, the biggest amount of $545 for 'essential items' for Luey for 2017. That I'll pay next week. We still haven't heard about 2018's essential items for both boys, or Bryn's camp. At this stage, though, we might have to tackle those in January, or on a plan. We still have Ari's fees, and Bryn and Luey's books to pay for before Christmas. Thank goodness Bryn doesn't need a uniform for high school because of the new free dress policy!

It's a great relief though that the financial crisis I was facing yesterday morning has been resolved, or I would have been in a right state this morning!

I really have to do better next year though. I'm going to set up a school account for the kids and set aside money (on top of the plans we will have) because I seriously don't want to be doing this again next year. Besides which, who knows if I'll even have a job next year.

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