Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Do you really think they'd be here if they had a choice?

Another day and yet another segment on some show on TV about the 'This is my country, not theirs' mob. On this occasion, it's in the US, but it could be Australia, or Britain, or any number of European countries. In this specific segment a man is quoted saying that this is his race's culture and that they have put blood, sweat, and tears into the country and the 'others' can't just come and take over.

Well, first there is the obvious argument, that the country wasn't his race's in the first place. They themselves came and took over from the original inhabitants of the land. This is also true for Australia, of course. Secondly, the 'new people' have always been a combination of immigrants from all around the world - as with Australia, going right back to the beginning (the Dutch came here before the English).

But there is a third thing these 'Conserve our culture' warriors just can't see. The new 'invaders' don't WANT to be here. Honestly, if these people could, they'd stay where they were born, where their ancestors were born. They are leaving their own culture and history - which is more often than not, far older than ours.

Would they leave that to come here and be treated like second class citizens? Hell no. They're leaving behind their hard earned houses, their businesses, their jobs and coming here with nothing.

This photo is only used for it's illustration of my discussion here - it doesn't related to the race or culture issues I'm discussing.
I really wish the 'It's our country, not your country' league would ask themselves if they'd leave this country they are so valiantly defending to go and live in a country they weren't welcome in and go there with no guaranteed work or housing or support of any kind.

The truth is the kind of people who are willing to go and live in another country and culture are far more open minded and accepting and they understand that they are relying on their country of destination treating them with respect and welcoming them, and therefore they are willing to reciprocate.

Let's hope the 'You're not welcome here because you're different and you frighten me' part of our population never find themselves in the position of relying on the kindness of a foreign country if
they become homeless.

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