Monday, January 01, 2018

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Here we are at the beginning of a shiny new year.

As I've said before, 2017 was a brilliant year for me with getting my first novel published and launched, having a peer reviewed article published, and getting a job - an honest to goodness full time REAL job. Honestly, I can't think of anything more I could have hoped for last year. Everyone in the family was healthy. Everything just ran smoothly and so I begin this new year happier than I've been in a very, very long time.

So, today is the first day of a couple of resolutions for me. I don't particularly like the idea of New Year resolutions, but seeing as I'm resolving to make two changes in my life, I think resolutions are what these are.

Operation LCHF

I'm back to cutting the sugar. I've been planning this for a couple of months now. I could have made the change back in November, but starting at the beginning of the New Year has actually worked very well for me in the past. It makes it easy to track my progress. Starting on a Monday is a bonus!

Cutting the sugar isn't so hard for me, I know all the good stuff I can eat instead and that makes this change comfortable. So, today I've started tracking my macros with the Carb Manager app. This makes seeing exactly how many grams of carbs versus protein or fats I'm ingesting. I have set gram goals for each and so all I have to do is hit those goals. It makes it really simple. I can also enter things like my step count which I'm now tracking on my Apple Watch (more about that later).

Operation No Shop

Day one and so far, so good. Now if I told you I haven't left the house so far, you'd probably just roll your eyes and think, Well, duh, you haven't even left the house! The thing is, I don't do most of my shopping in shops. Most of my shopping happens online. Online shopping has been a terrible, terrible progression for  people like me. I get sucked in by the pictures and the videos and the thrill of having parcels arrive. So not buying anything is really quite a big deal for me.

Meanwhile, becoming aware of how much advertising there really is online is horrifying,. I know, in theory, that there is an awful lot of advertising, but sheesh when you have a shopping addiction and your weakness is online shopping, it's like waving cocaine under the nose of a drug addict. I may have to avoid sources of advertising until I feel stronger.

This brings me to the Apple Watch. In the past few days I've experienced something of a binge of shopping. I've become hyper-aware of the things I would not be allowing myself to buy in 2018 and one of those things was an Apple Watch. I've been planning on getting an Apple Watch for while now. As a person who is always losing her stuff and has come close to losing thousands of dollars worth of technology on two occasions in the past few months, as well as leaving tech at work or at home, where it doesn't belong (though is relatively safe), having the tech strapped to my wrist is very reassuring. With the watch, I can take calls and check my email and calendar without having to take my phone out on public transport, or at meetings away from the office. It really is an investment and I really wasn't prepared to wait a whole year to purchase it. I also bought things like Bluetooth headphones, tempered glass for Bryn and my phone, little things like that.

This exactly what my watch looks like!

Now that the year has begun, I can think of things I hadn't thought of before, but that's just too bad, I guess. I'll just have to live without those little luxuries.

It's going to be an interesting year and I'm hoping that at the end of it, I'll be free of these monkies on my back and won't be tempted by them - well, not so much, anyway.

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