Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Slipping away...

It's silly really. It's just anxiety misbehaving again.

Last year was so momentous and towards the end of the year I started bellyaching about 2018 being able to live up to the high benchmark set by all the awesomeness I got to experience in 2017. So far, it's been very quiet.

Last night I was trying to get a little perspective happening. Today is Tuesday the 9th of January. Let me repeat that, if only for my own sake, the NINTH OF JANUARY. We are a whole nine days into the year and I'm stressing over momentum? This is the problem with overthinking and anxiety. I tend to make a bit too much of nothing.

There are two personal projects I was hoping to hear back about in the last week before Christmas and nothing happened. I know I was run off my feet that week and a lot of what I needed to get around to didn't happen. I came back from leave yesterday, and obviously had a bit of catching up to do. Many of my colleagues aren't coming back until next week. So, why would I expect to hear from other people at this point in January. It's just crazy. I need to take a chill pill.

Other than that, as quiet as it has been, the year is off to a good start and that is really all I can ask for right now. A year ago my life really sucked, I was feeling terribly dejected. Last night I dreamt about catching up with someone I hadn't seen in a few years and discussing the events surrounding the withdrawal. I was getting somewhat of a kick up the arse about it. I was being told to just get on with things as they stand now, not to keep hashing over events of the past which have been and gone. At a guess, I would analyse that as my subconscious telling me what I know - looking back will stop me from moving forward.

Momentum comes from movement and movement can't happen if you keep stopping to look back. So, this is me creating my own momentum. Got to go!

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