Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The minimalist journey continues...

Minimalism, by its nature, constantly requires reflection and reassessment. There is no real end point until one stops consuming - that is, dies.

Last year I minimised about half of everything we own. As I have spent a couple of months now living with the minimal level achieved, I have come to see where things can be refined further - stuff we're still hanging onto that never sees the light of day. For example, we have a number of photo frames sitting up in a wardrobe shelf. We're not using them, nor are we ever likely to use them. Some of them contain photos which would probably be looked at more if they were in an accessible album.

I have a number of nic-nacs still that sit unappreciated in a couple of boxes in the hall stand. There are star lights in our front window which originally went up for Christmas a couple of years ago, but this year we didn't even turn them on. They will go. Speaking of Christmas decorations, I did minimise the decorations we have during the year, but when I went through them this recent Christmas. I realised there were a number I really don't think I'll ever use again, so I'll be going through them again.

The beautiful egg chair that I lusted after for so long is currently sitting in my bedroom. I'm testing whether or not I miss it, whether or not I'm drawn to sit in it in the bedroom. You know what is coming next, right? If I don't use it by the beginning of April, it is going. It has been in my room for a month now. I've sat in it twice.

I can think of many, many things I'm hanging onto even though I don't use them and don't want them. I am wondering what is the minimum I can be happy with. It will be interesting to see in the context of also not replacing stuff I get rid of because of my self-imposed resolution not to buy things that aren't necessary. The difficult thing is getting Dave to take things off to the op shop. I'm thinking I may have to list some things on the Melbourne giveaway Facebook group.

The minimising continues, watch this space.

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