Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Seriously, just get out of the way!

Traveling on public transport with a guide dog can be a serious pain in the rear end. It's not the dog, but the inconsiderate dirt bags on the trains and buses.

Before I start my full rant, may I just say, there are kind and considerate, and aware people on public transport and obviously this post is not about them. It's about the ignorami.

Three things really boil my blood.

The people who fail to acknowledge they're sitting in a seat specifically reserved for people with disabilities, people who are pregnant and people who are old. I get on a train (this mainly happens on trains), and there will be idiots who not only ignore you while you stand there looking for a place to sit, but will pretend not to hear you when you ask them to let you sit down. Many hide behind their earplugs and phones even when Harlem all but has his nose in their crotch - seriously, you can't see the large, white lab right in front of you? If you are in one of these seats, look up when you get to a stop, just check to see if someone is getting on who is entitled to your seat, then move your arse and let them sit down.

Next we have the people who crowd in the small space between the wheel hubs on buses even though there are plenty of seats to choose from. These people refuse to budge even though they know you're right there trying to get past them with your dog. They may plaster themselves up against the wheel hub, but there is never enough space to get past them without having to walk in front of the dog, which is just not safe. Yesterday, this one young adult wouldn't budge from his standing spot, even though there were five or six available seats. I asked him three times to take a seat, explaining I couldn't get through, but he just stared at me as though I was speaking gibberish. In the end I commanded him to 'Sit!' and which point he scurried past me. I hate having to raise my voice. It galls me that bus drivers never step in and back me up. The space between the wheel hubs is NOT a place to stand when there are seats available. I should NOT have to walk ahead of my dog where I can trip and fall. Move your arse!

The third bunch of people - and they are almost always a bunch - are the people who feel they have to rush onto the bus before everyone has alighted. Why they have to do this is beyond me. Is there a pot of gold on the bus I don't know about? Is it Black Friday every day when it comes to buses? On more than one occasion I've made people back up off the bus again. Squeezing past people just as you are stepping off a bus is, again, dangerous is you are blind. This particularly true when drivers don't have the commonsense to lower the bus for a person who more than likely doesn't have depth perception.

Why are these things so hard to understand?

Why do bus drivers not say a thing?

What is wrong with peoples' brains these days?

Do the right thing, or I'll give you what for because I'm sick of being ignored.

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