Monday, March 05, 2018

Finding their wings...

Erik comes over quite a bit these days.

The other day when he visited Luey had just been paid his GPA award -

Let me explain that in more detail... Our high school has a monthly GPA rated from 0-4, with 1.67 being an acceptable minimum, the older boys have never done particularly well on their GPAs but last year I implemented an award system whereby anything over 2 was paid. Between 2 and 3 there is a $20+ payment, between 3-4 there is a $75 flat payment. A 4 is awarded a payment of $150. Lukas has consistently been hovering between a 2 and a 3 for much of the past year. This first GPA of the 2018 school year saw Luey score a 3.1 and Bryn - on his first ever GPA - came in at 3.3!

So, back to the story. Lukas had just received his award payment and wanted to go to a concert with his friends. Now, there is no way between heaven and hell we would have let Erik go to a concert at Luey's age - Erik just wasn't trustworthy enough. Erik also wanted to go to the same concert and as Luey's friends had already bought their tickets, this seemed like good solution to Luey not sitting on his own. Erik didn't have the money right then to book, and Luey didn't want to leave booking too much longer, so I spotted Erik the money until he got paid the next day. Erik did pay me back the next day.

And so the two eldest brothers are going to their first concert together (they've both been to concerts separately with their respective friends). For some reason this is very heart warming for me, to see my boys growing up and doing grown up things together.

Yesterday, Luey and Bryn headed off to our local shopping centre so Bryn could spend his money (he had the $75 + $60 for good results for his end of year resport (I pay $10 per B equivalent and $15 per A equivalent). He ended up wanting to a by a game that required adult consent. The boys called Erik to see if he'd come along and help them out (with my permission of course), afterwards they wandered around the centre together for a while and then walked home). Again the boys hanging out together - and including Bryn, something Erik would never have done two years ago because he openly expressed loathing and contempt for Bryn back then. Again, a proud mama moment for me.

This morning Bryn is headed off to his year 7 camp. Dave and I still find ourselves tripping over the fact that Bryn is a high school kid now. He'll be gone for a week and the house will be much quieter. I really hope he enjoys himself! And now I have to call him before he leaves because one downside of working is not getting to be there when the kids hit these school milestones.

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