Thursday, March 22, 2018

If they studied science, would I relate?

Lukas got his first certificate from the College of Sound and Music Production. He studies VET Music through them and I'm very proud of him. I was thinking about it and the fact that Erik is all about art, Lukas is all about music, and now Bryn has shown an intense interest in music as well, sits very well with me. I'm proud as punch.

I would be no less proud if they wanted to be doctors, or lawyers, or psychologists, but I really wonder if I would be able to relate to those passions.

So many parents want their children to be motivated towards careers with solid, stable incomes. The arts usually cause parents consternation. I know of one set of parents whose daughter wanted to be a dancer and they basically forbade her from applying for performance art degrees because they saw 'no future' in that direction.

The arts are also not as prestigious in this day and age. When I was doing the PhD, people would be quite excited to hear that and they'd ask what I was researching. I'd say Creative Writing and they're enthusiasm would dampen - not a lot, generally people aren't that rude - just enough to say, 'Why would you do a PhD in Creative Writing, can't you just sit down and write - Creative Writing is not going to save someone's life.'

I think even doing Literature would hold more esteem for people because, well, English Literature Professors are kind of cool.

There is a lot of kudos in the non-creative arts fields. It is almost as if the value of music, dance, acting, or writing is 'nice' but not 'necessary'. People think of them as fitting better with hobby than career - unless you become really famous, that is, but who needs a degree to do that, right?

For me, though, the fact that my children seem to be choosing creative arts is quite thrilling. Erik has moved his passion for art into Graphic Design so he'll have the possibility of a career. Lukas always has the option of becoming a sound engineer, or composing music for television or movies. On the other hand, he could become a teacher. The same goes for Bryn. There are stable work possibilities out there, and that is good, but I just love that they love the process of creation.

Who knows what Ari will want to do, he is very academic, good at math, seems to enjoy design and construction (making stuff of his own design with lego, that is). He also likes to draw and write. So, who knows. I wonder though, if I'll relate as well to his choice career if it turns out to be science, or IT, or politics, or business?

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