Friday, April 27, 2018

Man, I'm getting old...

So, I just realised my last two posts were pretty much about the same thing. It was one of those, 'Tell me if I've told you this one...' moments. Break out the Zimmer frame and tea cosies. But seriously, I need to check what I wrote about last before starting a new post.

I was at our main office on Tuesday. That place is so pretty now that it has been renovated. I'd love to work from there (also, it's a lot closer to home). Anyway, I ran into our General Manager - she is such a lovely person, and I'm not just saying that because she's my boss' boss.

Being the person I am, of course, I'm not at all intimidated by authority (maybe I should be). I will speak to our CEO just as casually as I do the colleagues in my pod (okay, I wouldn't tell him what my kids did over the weekend, but you know what I mean). Because of this, I think the higher ups feel comfortable around me, just as I do around them. I kind of helps that half the time I don't even know who I'm talking to unless I see them all the time.

So, anyway, I ran to our General Manager and we got to chatting, she was showing me where the kitchen was on the floor we were on and at the same time asked how the promotion of my book was going.

She's so nice. I don't often get asked how my book is going. I guess that is because I don't really talk about it, which in turn is because I don't ever think about it unless someone asks about it.

It was funny, really, that we were having a casual chat and both the regional managers in my office (my boss and the boss of the other team) ran into us and were quite surprised to find me chatting away. I had been talking to both the day before and both had told me (separately) to speak to the General Manager about the issues I was talking to them about. Now, when I was chatting with the General Manager, I didn't bring up either of those issues, but I could tell they both were a bit nervous that the very next day they ran into me chatting with this woman on a site I don't actually work on. It was amusing. Like maybe I had tracked her down to talk to her.

If I leave this workplace, I'll really miss a lot of people. It's funny how you build up relationships with people. I don't socialise with any of my colleagues outside of work (let's face it my social life is pretty much non-existent at the moment), I have a few of them on Facebook, but that is about it. That said, there is this level of workplace mateship, and I'll miss that. Even with the General Manager who shows an interest in my book - thank god my geriatric brain manages to remember her name, even though I can't remember what I blogged about a few days ago...

Now, where did I put that tea cosy?

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