Monday, April 30, 2018

No physical explanations...

Went to see my ophthalmologist on Saturday. Explained how my vision seems to have deteriorated a fair bit over the past couple of years. He does what tests he can do. (there was refraction test he couldn't do because my pupils were too contracted - in a darkened room, mind you)

Anyway, he tells me there is no physical reason my vision should be deteriorating or that I would be suffering from glare.

He also tells me my measurements haven't changed since the last appointment a couple of years ago, I still have 6/120 vision.

Funny thing... Back in 1990 I had 6/36 vision, and then back in 2009 I had 6/60 vision. So, now I have 6/120 vision and yet my vision is the same as it has been for years, apparently.

This is the problem I always have. The structures remain the same, but the vision is still affected in the negative. This has me thinking. When I was very little I could see from both eyes, then when I was about three, they discovered I could no longer see from my left eye - I mean nothing, not even light perception - but the structures of the eye hadn't changed at all. Professor Billson - my doctor back in the day - said it was a neurological change. That my brain was getting confused by the messages and had turned of messages coming to the brain from the left eye.

What if that is happening again? What if the neurological pathways for my vision are being disrupted?

I'll put this to him when I see him again tomorrow - he has to try and do the refraction test with drops in my eyes. Yay, I get to apply for leave again (she said, dripping with sarcasm).

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