Monday, April 23, 2018

You know how I said it looked like I'd secured my position here? Yes, well maybe not so much. About ten days ago, I was called into my manager's office and told that they were having to economise (and I know why, so that wasn't just a story), and my job was one under review. Of course, I freaked (not in the office), because, well who wants to be looking for a job, like ever?

I was told it was performance based insomuch as there wasn't any evidence I was bringing in new clients. Well, duh, that's because there is no way to measure how many clients I'm bringing in new clients.

Here's the thing though, once I've sold our services, they go through the national call centre and then get processed to our office and no one actually knows where they come from. Service providers such as the OTs and the O&Ms can show their new clients, but they get them through the national call centre where no one knows where those new clients come from. See what I'm saying here?

Anyway, I arranged a meeting with my manager a week later and brought in a strategic plan I'd written up (7 pages of it), and then I asked her if my contract was being extended, which she said it was, and I asked if that would be on paper with a signature and she said it would be. Then I asked how I was supposed to measure the number of new clients I was bringing in. She said that was a hard question to answer. It is a hard question to answer, but unless it can be answered, it can't be grounds for letting me go.

Anyway, smelling the scent on the wind, I'm now looking for a new job, so if you know of anyone who is energetic, insightful, and forward thinking, pass my name on to them, would you?


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