Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mother's Day sucks...

Well, that's probably a bit too dramatic, but really, unless you're one of those mums whose family are big into Mother's Day, it's basically just a day of watching other mums show how much they are loved through cards and presents and outings.

Mother's Day for me now is kind of more a day to get through than a day to celebrate. I can only imagine what it would be like for a mother whose child had died, however long ago.

My complaints are small in comparison and honestly, I did think twice before posting this, I guess, though my experiences pale in comparison to others, they remain my experiences.

First there's that whole, will Erik acknowledge me on Mother's Day. He did the first year he was out, but then not last year. That would be fine except that he has no problem remembering Father's Day. That sucks.

Then there is that thing with me all but buying my own Mother's Day presents - and it's not all about the presents, I know, but still a little more effort on their part wouldn't go astray. That sucks.

Last, there is that thing where I'm currently feeling a bit resentful of the lack of support I'm receiving from the others sharing the house with me. I go to work every day, I get up at five, head out the door at six, and get back home at five. I'm out of the house eleven hours a day, and during those eleven hours bugger all usually happens. Most days I come home and the house is a mess. I spend my weekends cleaning and General Marshal-ing the rest of them to clean. I get the pouty, resentful glares because I ask them to help me.

I'm getting very, very over it. Luey probably pisses me off the most with his attitude. He recently argued with me that because he has to go to school and do homework, he shouldn't have to help clean the house. Yes, really. Bryn acts as if he's been sold into slavery. Ari has started to yell, 'It's not fair!'

Not fair?

I'm disappointed in Dave, too. He's not holding up his end. I get that he has pain from his knees and ankles, but he does nothing to combat that. I think he's even quit going to OT exercise - he's stopped mentioning them in any case. He doesn't attempt to lose weight, and he doesn't even want to consider a knee replacement or two even though that would more likely than not take away the pain in his knees. Basically, he is not willing to even try to be more supportive.

So, yeah on the whole Mother's Day sucks at the moment. Let's hope next year sees an improvement.

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