Tuesday, October 16, 2018

This blog had a near death experience...

It was about two months ago when I came to the blog to look for something (this blog is an archive of photos for me), and found my blog was gone. In its place was a link to something a little less savoury. I was pretty shocked. It turned out that my yearly registration payment had not been successful because I changed banks earlier this year and simply forgot I had this automatic payment going on the blog. I had had notices but I get those every year just in case my payment isn't automated, which of course I thought it was.

Getting the blog back in my own possession and securing it for the next five years was not inexpensive, but hey, this is something of an ongoing project for me. I haven't been active lately, partly because I get started on a blog post and just don't get as far as posting them.

So, there you go, after 12.5 years, this blog was almost lost to the binary void. I'll post this little story and then come back with some usual programming. Thanks for the long suffering of you who continue to check in.

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