Sunday, October 13, 2019

Oh my, I'm on a roll today! Redderina theory issue...

I've been fascinated by the theory that Katarina had a sex change to become Reddington.

The 'fact' Katarina enters present day Blacklist in season seven might convince many that Reddington can't be Katarina after a sex change op. Theories are already developing that the Katarina of season seven isn't the real Katarina...

Imagination that, Reddington is Katarina and Katarina is... God only knows. Reddington? Ilya? I look forward to seeing that theory unfold.

There is something I haven't been able to find on the net. While fans have been comparing Reddington's eye color and hair colour with the Reddington on the wanted poster, and Katrina's young eye and hair colour with the older Katarina, we all know eye color and hair colour can be changed. Lenses and hair dye are great for this. Sex can be changed as well, of course.

What about height? Can height be changed in adulthood? Well, maybe to make someone shorter, but to make someone taller? In 12 months?

You see Katarina would need to gain 3-4 inches (7.5 to 10cm) to become Reddington - that would stretch belief.

Reddington is 5'10 (178cm), and Katrina's height is variably 5'5" (168cm) at 30 played by Lotte Verbeek and 5'7" (170cm) at 60 play by Laila Robins.

How does Katarina grow like this? Growth hormones don't work on adults because growth plates close in girls around 13-15 years of age and in boy at 15-17 years. 

'Slpain me that one.

Does Reddington have dementia?..

I have noticed Reddington plays a lot of games in the fifth season. Puzzles, strategy games, word games. There are also a couple of references to his death for several minutes in Marrakech.

This mirrors Samar's situation after drowning and being revived in the sixth season. Due to her temporary death, parts of her brain died causing vascular dementia.

Progressive memory loss might explain Reddington's determination to tick the people off his blacklist. He wants to protect Lizzy before he forgets those who threaten her.  Of course, being able to spend time with her before he no longer recognises her is a bonus.

Good Job!