Wednesday, January 01, 2020


Happy New Year.

I will start today’s post by admitting I’m at a very low ebb today. I’m feeling very teary. I’m sure it’s hormonal and it will pass. So I’m just going to get on with things.

I sense this year’s theme will, in fact, be all about getting on with it. This year we’ll be moving house, and I’ll be changing work. Either I’ll become a lady of [impoverished] leisure or I’ll be moving into a new job. One thing is for certain, I will not be doing my current job come the beginning of May, and hopefully sooner. I have an interview on the 13th, and will be submitting applications for two new positions which have just become available.

This year, my intention on other fronts is to take all I learned about various practices in the past decade and put it all into practice. Particularly the following:

  1. Minimalism - I’ve already created a fairly minimalistic space. Put it this way, I was lamenting the mess in the house a few weeks ago and Erik said, ‘This is not messy!  Mum, this house couldn’t ever get messy, there isn’t enough stuff to mess up.’ I took that as a compliment, but still tidied up. To continue with the minimal approach, I intend to stop         buying things I don’t need. By ‘need’, I mean things I can do without. For example, I don’t need any more clothes or handbags or shoes or makeup. In fact, I already have too many of those things - which I intend to minimise further. I will use what I have and further minimise the things I just don’t use.
  2. Facial energy profiling - I’ve studied the Carol Tuttle method of energy profiling based on facial features and I’ll continue to apply that to my wardrobe because it sits well with me.
  3. Konmarie method of organising - I have used this fairly consistently since learning the method a couple of years ago, but just lately - probably with stress and apathy - have let it slide. It works so well with my minimalist approach though and I feel much better when I apply it.
  4. Keto - This one is probably the challenging one for me. The others are fairly natural - okay, not curbing the shopping, that will always be challenging. I definitely better when I keep my blood sugars on an even keel - and wheat and dairy together seems to cause me inflammation, anyway.

There are probably other things, but those are the easiest to categorise. I’m going to approach it all gently. I’m at the brink of burn out at the moment. I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on myself, I just know that doing the things I’ve mentioned always make me feel better.

So, I guess those are my intentions for 2020.

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