Thursday, January 09, 2020

Minimalist’s effort...

I want to spend some of my time at home catching up on some minimising a.k.a. decluttering.  I started this at least a couple of years ago, but it’sa journey that never ends.  Post New Years and birthdays and prior to moving house are all good times to review one’s material possessions. As it happens, these first few weeks of 2020 sit right between my birthday, Christmas, and moving house. 

The other day I started by going through the ensuite cabinets. Talk about opening the gates of hell. You know, I was just thinking of buying a tube of Deep Heat the other week because I couldn’t find the one I’d previously bought. It seems I actually had TWO tubes of the stuff sitting in the cabinets, and they were both full, so obviously I lost the first one right after buying it and bought a second one I lost pretty much immediately as well. Decluttering saves money!

My minimising mojo is kind of low at the moment. In fact, I’m not good at getting dressed or off the couch these days. It’s not good when you go to the laundry and your family comes home and when they don’t see you on the couch they assume you must have gone for a nap. Also, I have to change up where I sit every few days so I don’t crush the cushions on the couch like Homer Simpson...

Anyway, back to decluttering... I’m about half way through my wardrobe - it’s not particularly large, I just keep finding other things to do which allow me to retreat to the couch. Tonight I downloaded an app which allows me to upload photos of my stuff - clothes, shoes, and accessories (though it could be anything), edit out the background and create look books. My aim is to create a capsule wardrobe as part of Minimising my clothes.

On the whole, there really isn’t much to do. After the walk in robe I plan to tackle the linen closet, dining room cabinets, and kitchen cupboards. That’s really all that needs doing - oh actually, the TV cabinet and fridge door, as well. You can see, though, there isn’t much. 

Dave wants to go through the garage with the help of the boys. I told him I want to get a small skip  - he looked at me as if I just said I wanted to sell one of the kids. Talk about opposites attracting. One wannabe hoarder and one wannabe minimalist, hopefully our kits will find some sort of middle road.

The plan is to move by the end of January. We applied for a place a couple of days ago, but since then we’ve seen a couple of other places we like better. I’m in a similar situation re: finding another job. I have an interview on Monday, but I also have two other applications coming up after the date of the interview. I could cancel the interview as the other jobs are full time and pay much better than the one I’m interviewing for - which is part time. My quandary is, do I risk turning down the opportunity to interview when I don’t have any other interviews set up? That would be stupid, right? And do we turn down the offer of a place without knowing if other offers for better places will come in?

I guess all this uncertainty further adds to my desire to declutter, but doesn’t account for my apathy.

We have an inspection this afternoon. Not necessarily a great place though. We have two other inspections on Saturday, both for great places. 

Who knows maybe everything will work out, I’ll keep you updated.

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