Monday, October 12, 2020

Back to Mac


I managed to get back to a Mac environment.

Since starting work three and a half years ago, I've been working within a Windows environment and it's been driving me nuts. You know what they say, 'Once you Mac you never go back.' Well, I had to go back and I hated it. I still have to use Windows for work, but I've decided for personal use I just had to go back to Mac.

I had gotten a Samsung S20+ phone a couple of months ago because I was under the impression that it had two SIM slots and that it would make a huge difference to dealing with work calls in that I wouldn't need to carry around two phones. I'd become notorious for not answering the work phone and it wasn't good, especially once we went to 'remote required' at work in March and I couldn't rely on my desk phone recording messages. Unfortunately, it turned out no carriers in Australia were servicing two physical SIMs (which the Telstra agent decided not to tell me when I was explaining why I was getting the Samsung). They do, however, support a regular SIM and an e-SIM, but I didn't need a Samsung for that. My iPhone 10 XS Max would have done the job nicely (I didn't know it had an e-SIM and the Telstra agent didn't think to tell me).

So, I've been struggling along with the Samsung. There were several things I hate about it - the different gestures for everything, the messy home screens, the accessibility modes, the way I had to double tap or swipe up to get to the pass gesture thingy before I could make or answer a call even though there was a phone icon right there on the lock screen. Everything took far more effort and time than necessary. I tried to get used to it, but I just couldn't. I was told by Erik it was because Apple users are just not as sophisticated as Samsung users. Hell, it's a phone! It shouldn't have to be so complex to use. It's supposed to save time, not slow everything down. Also the Samsung AND Google store - wow, what a mess and half the apps didn't even work.

Oh, and it was really tedious having to email all my photos to myself to access them on the iPad.

So, anyway, I'm selling the Samsung and I've ordered an iPhone. I've bought an iMac, and now I can use my iWatch again. It's truly like coming home. I do use Microsoft Office 365 on the Mac, but that is my only concession.

My work desk - which has had to be set up in the bedroom was replaced with a bigger one because it now houses a PC, Surface Pro (which work is exchanging for a laptop this week), an iPad on an awesome stand, and the iMac (only 21.5" because the 27" one would have been overkill). I also got a new desk chair which is much more upright that the previous one. Dave has the previous chair because he's set up his computer in the dining room and was using a dining chair, which irked me.

Once I've given the house a bit of a tidy up, I'll take some photos and pop them up on the blog (now that Ari has finally gone back to school after a 7 month stint doing remote learning because of COVID-19, I can finally tidy up and know it will stay that way).

Good Job!