Sunday, February 21, 2021

Why I can’t blog...

I have wanted to come here so many times to blog about stuff, but I can’t. Bloggers are strange creatures - well those of us who aren’t trying to sell or promote something, anyway. There is something comforting about ‘putting it out there’, the things I’m thinking about. I’m fairly anonymous online. Sure, if you Google me, you can find out all sorts of things, but in the scheme of 7 billion people, I don’t register, and there is something comforting in being able to turn over my inner’ds into the ether and be heard or not heard, but without having to see people’s reactions.

I imagine that maybe someone will Google a topic and one of my posts will come up as a result and they’ll read it and relate to it, or maybe learn something new about how others conceive of whatever it is the someone was curious about.

Unfortunately, these days, what a blogger blogs about might determine how people of influence in their life might treat them. I’m not talking about bitching about someone on a blog and that someone reading it. I’m talking about sharing thoughts on politics or society or how people interact, and potentially offending someone you work with.

In this way, working has negatively impacted my blogging.

That is not good for me. I need this public private place to get things out of my head.

When I stop working... I find myself thinking this a lot. Not because I hate my job (jobs), I am doing a lot of interesting, fun, goal kicking things, but because whenever I want a new piercing, or tattoo, or to get on here and just waffle on, I find myself worrying about who might read it and what they might think about me.

That is just not me, you know?

I’ll figure it out.

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